Resurrected NNA Ready for Action

The Neighborhood Nine Association (NNA), established in 1953 but inactive since 1967, was resurrected this summer in response to community concern over the extension of the Harvard MBTA line and the renovation of the Cambridge Common.

Neighborhood Nine, an area bounded by Concord Ave., Mass Ave, and the old Boston & Maine railroad tracks, includes most of Radcliffe, the Botanic Gardens, the International Student Center and the Common.

According to J.F. Hawkins, executive secretary of the NNA, her organization has distributed 1000 flyers to former members announcing that it plans "to represent all sectors and activities of the Neighborhood" and "to investigate all matters in and affecting the Neighborhood from their inception."

Before community interest lagged five years ago, the NNA was involved in the design and construction of Rothlesberger Playground at St. Peter's Field and Corcoran Playground at Raymond Park, and it devised a substitute route for the extension of Route 2 that saved several houses.

The NNA is currently publicizing three upcoming events, including a British city planning film. "A Future for a Past," which will be shown at 8 p.m. tomorrow at the Peabody School on Linnaean St.