The New and Better Exam Period Sports Quiz

The Crimson is proud to present another annual sports trivia extravaganza. In the interest of serious competition, contestants are limited this year by the following criteria:

A. All contestants must own a pair of sweet socks guaranteed to curl nostril hairs at a minimum distance of three feet.

B. Applicants must have enrolled, or planned to enroll, in Boats, Indians, Gas Stations and Sea Shells.

C. Contestants may not own belts or any shirt with a collar.

D. Applicants must also own a crimson-colored windbreaker with Harvard printed on it, a DHA sweatshirt and at least one unwashed athletic supporter.

E. Female contestants must own

7. The Dedgers played the Giants in a three-game series to decide the National League present in 1962. The Giants won. Who hit the last ball and who cought it?

8. In the 1962 Series a young Giant player hit a grand slam off a Yankee pitcher. Who hit the home run, who was the pitcher and what kind of pitch was it?

9. In their first years of existence the Los Angeles Angels relied on two left-handed power hitters. Who were they? What place did the Angels finish in the hitters' first year together?

10. In 1972 the Chicago White Sox activated Hank Allen, the older brothers of superstar Richie Allen. Where did the senior Allen play before coming to Chicago?

20. The 1967 Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys on a last-minute play for the NFL championship at Green Bay. What was the temperature at the opening kirk-off?

21. Everyone know that Wrong-way Corrigan became famous for running the wrong way and scoring a safety on his own team. What current player scooped up a fumble in a game against the 49ers and ran the wrong way?

22. During the 1971 all-star basketball game Bill Russell named his all-time all-star team. Who were the players named?

23. Dave DeBusschere of the New York Knicks also named an all-time team. Who were the player and what did he and Russell do in common?

24. In college Jerry West broke all the scoring records of the school. What current sports announcer held those records? What was the school and who was the coach?

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