Junior Varsity Booters Fall to Tufts

Fourth Loss of Season

The Harvard junior varsity soccer team dropped its fourth straight game Saturday, losing to Tufts, 4-3.

Harvard looked much better against Tufts than it did last Thursday against Gordon College when it lost, 3-0. After that shutout, coach Seamus Malin said that his team lacked the spirit to score consistently, or even to score at all.

The Crimson booters may have found enough spirit to avoid another embarrassing shutout, but it wasn't sufficient to overcome a few problems for which they were not responsible: a poor field and even poorer officiating.

Tufts can thank that same officiating for at least one goal. With the score tied at 1-1, Harvard goalie Ben Bryant was knocked down while making a save. Tufts recovered the loose ball and scored.

The score remained 3-1 until the second half when Harvard's Doug Stone, on an assist by Kloske, booted in a goal. After one more point by Tufts, Harvard's Chris Minkowski tallied to complete the scoring.


Harvard had several more easy chances for goals in the remainder of the half, but didn't take advantage of them. The booters were too busy warding off the more physical members of the Tufts team.

Harvard's offense came in for heavy criticism from some players--mostly for the missed shots. Coach Malin said that his men functioned well together as a team, but that the team must improve on play execution. Bryant said the team lacks a consistent offensive push, with points scored after spur-of-the-moment spots.

Coach and team both criticized the referees. Malin called the officiating "diabolical." Andy Berg phrased it a little better: "If one of them had had another eye," he said, "he would have been a Cyclops."