NAM Asks CHUL to Sponsor Referendum on ROTC's Return

The New American Movement (NAM) yesterday asked the Committee on Housing and Undergraduate Life (CHUL) to conduct a college-wide referendum on the reinstatement of a Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program at Harvard.

NAM asked the executive board of CHUL, which will meet today, to place the ROTC referendum issue on the committee's agenda for next Wednesday.

A little over 2500 students signed the petition circulated by NAM last week asking for a referendum on the ROTC issue, Steven Carlip '75, a NAM member, said yesterday.

Merrick Garland '74, the CHUL executive board member who will ask that consideration of the referendum be placed on the agenda, said last night that the board will probably consider the motion.

He added that the "chances are pretty good" that the full CHUL will agree to sponsor the polling of students on ROTC.


NAM spokesmen had said that if they receive 2500 signatures to their referendum petition, they would ask the CHUL to sponsor the referendum and report its results.

The executive board of the CHUL comprises three students, and three House Masters.