Guinier, Nwafor Lock Horns


Dissention again flared up within the Afro-American Studies Department last week, as Azinna Nwafor '64, assistant professor of Afro-American studies, charged that the department is in a state of "utter dissarray and demoralization."

Nwafor, whose appointment runs out this June, said there was an immediate need for more tenured faculty to prevent "imminent collapse within the department."

In a public statement, Nwafor charged that the Afro Department had been run arbitrarily and has become intellectually isolated from the Harvard community.

Ewart Guinier '33, chairman of the Department, denied Nwafor's charges and countered that Nwafor never attends faculty meetings and knows little about how the department is actually run.

Guinier had previously notified Nwafor that his appointment would not be renewed next year and said Nwafor "has his own ax to grind."


Nwafor also charged that some of the department's term appointments had been denied by the University. Guinier called the assertion "an absolute lie."

"What is really surprising is that there have not been more resignations so far, given the appalling conditions within the department," Nwafor said.