J.V. Kickers Lose Rematch to Brown

Booters Finish Winless Season With 0-6-1 Record

In a contest played yesterday on home turf, the Harvard junior varsity soccer team dropped yet another game, this time to Brown, losing 3-1 in Harvard's sixth defeat of the season.

The teams' performances were nearly equal in the scoreless first half of play. Harvard's Dennis Kloske and Rob Finley tried repeatedly to score against Brown, but their drives toward the net floundered for lack of a teammate to finish the drive.

While the team's coordination was much better this time than it was in the match against Brown at Providence on October 31--coach Seamus Malin rated his men "ten times better"--the improvement was not enough to overcome the difficulties Kloske and Finley encountered.

The points tallied during the match seemed to be more the result of luck than anything else. High winds made it extremely difficult for kicks to be accurate over long distances, so Harvard's players kept the ball low to the ground, looking for openings in the Brown defense.

Brown scored first by skidding a ball off the tips of goalkeeper Ben Bryant's fingers as he went up for a save ten minutes into the second half. Harvard then hammered its way deep into Brown territory, trying to maneuver the goalie away from the net to get a clear shot. The tactic worked. After the goalkeeper was too far away for a save, Dave Winningham came flying downfield toward the open net. His 20-yard shot went in unstopped.


Fifteen minutes later, when Charlie Hirschler allowed his opponent to move the ball toward the goal unchallenged, Brown tallied another point. Ben Bryant tried to stop the attack, but he was out-maneuvered. Brown scored again shortly afterwards when Amor Hollingsworth replaced Bryant. Amor came away from the net for a save and ended up on the ground. Terry Ferguson, the star defensive player of the day, tried to stop the shot but couldn't.

Malin's team finished the season with a record of no wins, six losses and a tie. He is looking forward to next year--it couldn't by anything but an improvement.

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