Rock and Folk


Those unlucky people whose parents rented out their bedrooms, whose thesis advisors want to know when those preliminary bibliographies due in October will be ready, and who for various other reasons have no escape from Cambridge this weekend can be thankful for the music of a few old-timers.

WOODY HERMAN--I knew in eighth grade that I could never play clarinet like Woody Herman. In ninth grade, I realized I couldn't play like Bob Horowitz. Nobody's heard of Bob Horowitz, I know, which is why I gave up the clarinet in ninth grade. But if you have the gas to make it to Peabody, you can hear a superb jazzman and his band. The turkey dinner at Holiday In will probably be expensive.

STAN KENTON--Great music finds its way to remote places. Franklin High School is hosting the Stan Kenton band this weekend. The school is about one mile east of Route 495 on Route 140, about 25 miles out of Boston. This is probably worth the trek.

DAVE VAN RONK--Passim, which often has the best local music around, also has some of the least fortunate scheduling. While many are home resting, Dave Van Ronk will be here playing his fine guitar and singing rough, expressive folk and blues. We who missed Greenwich Village can still learn something of what it was all about from Van Ronk.

WOODY HERMAN. Thurs. Nov. 22 at the Peabody Holiday Inn, 8 p.m.


STAN KENTON--Sat. Nov. 24 at Franklin High School, 8 p.m., $4-$5.50.

DAVE VAN RONK--Fri. Nov. 23 thru Sun. Nov. 25 at Passim. Call 492-7679 for information.