Harvard Junior Varsity Squad Slams Merrimack Icemen, 6-0

Harvard's junior varsity hockey squad started its season on a happy note last night, beating the Merrimack College subvarsity, 6-0, on Merrimack's home ice.

Goalies George Anderson and Mike Barry, who split the goaltending chores evenly, had very little work to do in the face of a weak Merrimack offense. Harvard's offense, which is usually the equivalent of many Division II varsity squads, made mincemeat of Merrimack's defenders.

Harvard scored three goals in the first period, two in the second and only one goal in the third--they resisted tallying more points in the third perhaps more out of mercy than deference to the inadequate Merrimack ice men.

Extreme Charity

Coach Bob Carr was being extremely charitable to the Merrimack squad when he said that it "didn't offer much competition."


Carr said that one of his key players was Gordy Scannell, who was credited with one of the goals, as were his teammates Fred Paul, Jim Aiken Byrd. Carr rated Larry Piatelli as his best defensive player--for whatever defense was needed, that is.

The junior varsity players can expect several more shutouts, or at least rousing victories, against some of their scheduled opponents.

Carr said that many of the schools would not let Harvard's J.V. hockey squad play its varsity, but when these schools pitted their J.V. squads against Harvard, things--according to Carr--"just don't match up."

Said Carr, "Right now the junior varsity team just fulfills the Harvard ethic of allowing as many people as possible to play."