Radcliffe Cagers Rout Emerson, 66-18, In Record-Breaking Basketball Rouser

Radcliffe basketball set a high-scoring record yesterday in its 66-18 demolition of Emerson College. Sparked by the aggressive defense of captain Dardenella Robinson, the 'Cliffe cagers stormed out on their home court and tore up the stunned Emerson five.

Junior Jeannie Guyton blazed the victory trail with the first score of the game early in the first quarter. That icebreaker ignited the double-pivot offense and established a Radcliffe lead which the cagers never surrendered.

With hard-nosed defense and cool offense, the team razzle-dazzled from backcourt to forecourt all afternoon, leaving quarter scores of 18-3, 33-6, 48-15, and the final tally, 66-18.

Tuba City

Susan Williams, a freshman from Tuba City, Ariz., propelled the team to its commanding lead with three successive outside shots in the first quarter. Her straight-shooting earned her high score honors accounting for 17 of Radcliffe's 66 points.


Refusing to coast after their breakaway opening period, the cagers continued to tough it out under the boards during the second quarter. Freshman Marsha Davenport played spoiler to Emerson's comeback hopes, repeatedly stealing the ball and converting the thefts into points.

Maude Wood capped the first-half scoring with a classic fade-away jumper, and Emerson gave up the ghost.

The third quarter breezed by with the Radcliffe five content to hold themselves to sophisticated offensive fast-break rushes and gutsy defense. The large lead allowed Williams to demonstrate her back-handed layups and other smooth athletic pyrotechnics, and gave Radcliffe basketball coach John McCarthy a chance to show off his unusual offense composed of two wings, two centers, and one guard.

Emerson never had a chance as Radcliffe kept charging, and was reeling as the game entered the fourth period.

Using second and third string players, Radcliffe played a cool fourth quarter, showing impressive bench strength. Fired up by the outstanding play of their teammates, the subs allowed only three points to the hungry Emerson five.


The final buzzer found a jubilant Robinson. "This is the most we've ever won by," she said. "We've never ever scored 66 points. This is only the third year there has been a Radcliffe team. 66 to 18 God."

McCarthy agreed. "It's great. It's wonderful. They're really working hard," she said. "Every day--we're the only team that practices seven days a week."

Today the team will get an unprecedented day off. Thursday they will be back practicing for their next game against B.C. on Saturday.

"B.C. plays some tough offense," Robinson said after the game. "We'd really like to have some people here rooting for us. Last year we lost by five to them. We'd really like to get this one back."

Williams added, "We lost against Tufts, but that's the last game we're gonna lose. Really."

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