Movie Tycoon Joseph Levine Receives Film Society Award

Motion picture mogul Joseph E. Levine was presented the "Producer of the Year" award by the Herman J. Mankiewicz Winthrop House Film Society last night.

Nearly 300 attended the presentation of a silver mug which was awarded to Levine in honor of his "striking contributions to the American film experience."

The ceremony in the Science Center preceded the screening of "Carnal Knowledge," one of Levine's recent productions.

Earlier in the evening Levine, his wife and son met with President Bok, attended a cocktail party at Winthrop House, and a dinner in his honor at the Faculty Club.

Levine, who is president of Avco Embassy Pictures, discussed the lack of adequate film projection and study resources at Harvard with Bok. Bok agreed, and said that financial limitations prevented the installation of more extensive facilities in the Science Center.


Last Tycoon

Levine, who was billed as the "last tycoon," encountered initial major success with the promotion of "Hercules" in 1959, which grossed over $9 million. He was the first to distribute foreign films on a national scale, and he promoted a number of Vittorio DeSica's films including "Two Women."

The Boston-bred filmmaker produced the Mike Nichols film "The Graduate" which has grossed in excess of $100 million. He has since produced all of Nichols' films including "Carnal Knowledge" and "The Day of the Dolphins."

In an interview yesterday, Levine said he is very much opposed to the June decision of the Supreme Court which allows local authorities to set their own guidelines on obscenity.

His film "Carnal Knowledge" is presently the subject of the first test case of the court's obscenity ruling. The high court has agreed to hear the case in February, and he said he is confident that the film is a work of art and not obscene.

Levine said that he objects to any form of government censorship, however he said that some industry self-regulation must be exerted.

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