'Cliffe Cagers Win Decisively, Use Tough Defense Against B.C.

The Radcliffe cagers circled and caught their victory over Boston College, 58-40, in a tough, physical game here on Saturday.

An injury to B.C.'s center early in the first quarter set the Eagles back quickly. The first quarter was the toughest for Radcliffe, despite the Eagles' handicap, and the first period ended on a tight 9-8.

Radcliffe glided easily higher from the second quarter on, and with a score of 43-20 by the end of the third, the Crimson "blew them away," team captain Dadnella 'Robinson said yesterday.

Coach John McCarthy said Robinson sported an aggressive and tough defense, while Maude Wood and Susan Williams excelled on the offensive side.

High scorers of the game were freshman Williams with 23, sophomore Wood with 13 and junior Jeannie Guyton with 11. The Eagles trailed with its highest scorer shooting 10. Robinson and Williams were both high rebounders.


All of Radcliffe's bench strength substituted throughout the game, and the triumph derived from their team unity. Radcliffe sported no fouls, an improvement over the opening game against Tufts in which fouls were their major drawback.

Radcliffe surpassed the Eagles in both conditioning and technique. McCarthy said the three injuries suffered by Boston College indicated insufficient conditioning on their part.

The cagers' full press worked beautifully; McCarthy was also pleased with their exceptional passing at the center and added that the baskets made by Radcliffe later in the game were easy.

Boston College defeated Radcliffe by five last year, leading McCarthy to expect a tough offense. He is instead enthusiastic over the cagers "really wonderful" performance.

Saturday's winging victory follows last week's game against Emerson in which Radcliffe's score of 66 topped the record in the team's three-year history. The cagers have 12 more games in the season. McCarthy says he feels anything could develop in the month's break before their encounter with Brown here on January 19.