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The Mail


To the Editors of the Crimson:

The latest half-baked plans from Massachusetts Hall, this time regarding student housing (or lack of it) over Christmas, are quite disturbing to me. No one will dispute the fact that Harvard must help conserve fuel this winter, but before Stephen S.J. Hall and the administration cheerfully move strangers into my room over the holidays they'd better think this one through.

My roommates and I collectively pay $600 a month for our Mather House suite, and for what? So that keys to our room may be duplicated and given to other students? So that Harvard may allow other students free use of our possessions? So that we may return early from home to finish a paper and find our rooms occupied? Dean Whitlock's suggestion that faculty members help house stranded undergraduates is more sensible. Perhaps Mr. Hall would be less cavalier about violating contracts in it were his contract, or, he were obliged to house displaced students in his own home while he takes a vacation. William Barrett '75

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