Rock and Folk


BEACH BOYS--My hockey-playing surfing, hot-rodding next-door neighbor at home was just about the only person I knew really into The Beach Boys before such veneration became fashionable. You must feel sad listening to the innovative harmonizing on a song such as "Good Vibrations" if you consider how little serious critical attention this complex music received. Unfortunately, now that the Beach Boys are getting the critical attention they deserve, the group no longer seems as innovative, Brian Wilson's musical imagination no longer so unique. Their fans have grown older and want to hear the old stuff again. The young ones are too busy listening to Donny Osmond or some such tripe. The old music was a bit ahead of its time; sadly, the new music is just slightly behind.

BRIEFLY: The Paul's Mall complex offers a fine choice of shows this weekend, bluesman Muddy Waters at Paul's Mall and jazz guitarist Larry Coryell at Jazz Workshop... The Chris Rhodes Band, one of Cambridge's most exciting rock-jazz groups, is playing at Tufts Saturday night with Orchestra Luna... Peter Johnson offers another session of traditional music Saturday night with Joe Heaney, an excellent Irish folksinger, and Robin Roberts, who sings and collects folk songs from the United States and the British Isles... Rumor has it that the debut concert of off-key singing team Nixon & Haldeman has been cancelled. Those who already bought tickets will be entitled to listen to 18 minutes of humming, with Rose Mary Woods at the keyboard. P.M.S.

BEACH BOYS--Sat. Dec. 8 at Boston Music Hall.

MUDDY WATERS--Through Sun. Dec. 9 at Paul's Mall. Call 267-1300 for information.

LARRY, CORYELL--Through Sun. Dec. 9 at Jazz Workshop. Call 267-1300 for information.


CHRIS RHODES BAND--Sat. Dec. 8 at Cohen Auditorium, Tufts University, 8 and 10:30 p.m., $2.00.

JOE HEANEY AND ROBIN ROBERTS--Sat. Dec. 8 at St. Paul's School, 8 p.m., $2.00. Party afterwards.