Dunster Members Call on Bok To Name Bynum New Master

Eighty members of Dunster House have signed a letter to President Bok requesting that he appoint Caroline W. Bynum, assistant professor of History as the House's new Master.

The letter was delivered to Bok's office yesterday, after being signed by Dunster House residents, associates, and tutors, Catherine LaFarge '73, an author of the letter said yesterday.

Bok said yesterday that he would "pay close attention to the letter in choosing the next Dunster House Master.

Sentiment for Bynum

LaFarge said that Bynum is an extremely popular tutor in Dunster House, and that there is strong sentiment in favor of making her the next Master.


She added, however, that she is doubtful of the effect the letter will actually have in the appointment of a new Master.

LaFarge said that she did not think Bynum's untenured position would prevent her consideration for the post of Master.

Bok said, however, that tenure might be taken into account because continuity would be an important factor.

"Any house would be strongly moved to look to a period of at least five years in choosing a Master," he said.

LaFarge said that the authors of the letter felt that a woman master would be a good thing for Dunster House. She said, though, that they did not want a woman master "just for the sake of having one."

Bok said that there would be "no problem at all" with appointing a woman as a master.

Decision in March

He said that a decision on a new Dunster House Master would be made by the middle of March, and was presently being delayed by the search for a new University treasurer.

Bynum said yesterday that she had no comment on the letter.

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