Fraternity Expels Harvard Chapter For Taking Women

Over 200 students and faculty at the School of Education have signed a petition supporting the Harvard chapter of the Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) educational fraternity for admitting women members contrary to the rules of the International PDK.

PDK suspended the Harvard chapter on January 26, after learning that it was admitting women.

Little Effect

LeBaron C. Moseby, president of the Harvard chapter, said yesterday that the petition will be sent to the board of directors of the International PDK, but he expects it to have little effect on the organization.

Moseby said that his chapter is commited to full and equal membership for women, and will introduce a resolution to that effect at the biennial convention of the PDK in October. An identical resolutior has been voted down at two previous conventions.

"Our chances of getting equal membership this time are at least 60-40," Moseby said.

Option Clause

The Board of Directors of the International PDK has recommended a resolution that would allow women to join the fraternity if they join a local chapter which permits women members.

Moseby said yesterday that the local option clause represents "second class citizenship for women, but progress."

Moseby said that there were several possible alternatives for his chapter if equal membership were rejected.

"The Columbia chapter is in the process of suing the International PDK for sex discrimination," Moseby said, "and if all else fails, we might just pull out and form a new organization with Columbia."