Overseer, AHA Nominees Listed Randomly on Ballot

A joint committee of the Associated Harvard Alumni (AHA) and the Board of Overseers yesterday determined the ballot positions for candidates for Overseer and AHA director.

The ballots will be mailed to all Harvard alumni in April, and must be returned by June 8. The results will be announced at Commencement on June 14.

A committee of Overseers and AHA directors last year changed the positioning procedure from academic seniority to random ordering to prevent age prejudice in the voting.

The method, devised by the AHA and Paul W. Holland, lecturer on statistics, utilizes a 700 page book of five digit random numbers. A page and column are selected from the book, and the sequence of numbers is matched to an alphabetical list of the candidates. The candidates are listed on the ballot from lowest number to highest.

Each year five Overseers are elected for six year terms. The candidates in order on the ballot are: Elizabeth B. Dubois '62, Humphrey Doerman '52, Manley Fleischmann '29, Gerard Pier '37, Dr. John H. Knowles '47, Walter H. Page '37, Eli Goldston '42, Marilyn W. Monsour '45, Joseph W. Bartlett II '52, and Kenneth Keniston '51.

Six AHA directors will be elected. The candidates in order on the ballot are: John D. Bagdade '58, Paul C. Sheeline '42, David L. G. Johnston '63, Martin S. Sosland, Boisfevillet Jones Jr. '68, Dorothy P. Rich, Michael W. Christian '60, Harrie Rogers Chamberlin '42, May B. Cheever, Barry L. Williams '66, Charles E. Mason Jr. '30, and Colby Hewitt Jr. '50.

The Committee of Concerned Alumni, which has often supported its own candidates, did not petition to have its own slate on the ballot. Peter D. Shultz '52, acting general secretary of the Alumni, said yesterday that CCA "could not find too much to object to in the slate offered by the AHA."