the stage

Bewitched Bayou. Sorcery, spells, and satanism mar this otherwise enchanting tale of a magician who loves the water. At Hasty Pudding Theatricals, and in its last week.

Cyrano. Anthony Burgess scripted this musical adaptation of Rostand's play, so it should have plenty of panache, even if it doesn't go as smoothly as clockwork, 7:30 at the Colonial.

Odyssey. Opens tonight at 8 at the Publick Theater, 1175 Soldiers Field Road. "As always, its (sic) FREE," remarks the Real Paper's listing. What else it may be is anybody's guess.

Praise the Law and Pass the Erudition. "An original musical satire of law school life." And if the title isn't clever enough for you, they're doing it at something called the Pound Multipurpose Room. Closing after tomorrow's 8 p.m. performance.

Psalms of Two Davids. Opens tonight at 8 at the Loeb.


Red Cross, by Sam Shepard, and Offending the Audience, by Peter Handke. My roommate has a fondness for Sam Shepard. I have no feelings either way. 7:30 at the Loeb Ex.

Suffragette! A new musical about Emmeline Pankhurst, the English suffragette, by two Law School students. Reportedly excellent. 8 o'clock. Agassiz.

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