Gov la And lb Are Dead


Government concentrators breathed just a bit easier this week after the Department announced reforms in the much-hated Gov la,b introductory sequence and also instituted take-home general examinations.

The Department said that four courses--Gov 10, 20, 30, and 40--would replace Gov 1 a,b. Concentrators will be required to take at least two of the four courses, or substitute a designated middle-level course for the omitted introductory course.

The implementation of take-home generals removes the pressure from thesis-ridden seniors. Honors candidates will now take the three-hour exams in the presence of a T.V. set instead of a stone-faced proctor in gloomy Memorial Hall.

The reforms in generals may signal a trend toward relaxation of concentration requirements. The Anthropology Department, among others, considered dropping generals last year, and may still opt for take-home exams.

This week's curriculum changes followed an announcement that the Government sophomore tutorial would be graded and credited next year. In the past, soph tutorial has been graded but non-credit. The Department made the change after concentrators complained that the tutorial system provided no reward for the work done during the sophomore year.