The Mail

To the Editors of The Crimson:

I don't know why (Perhaps because of all the bother of late in this column over The King of Hearts?), but last night I went out and bought the 200,001nth ticket to the show and thought it was great fun. Why such a flutter of hearts all over town now???

As an alumnus myself of a distinguished mental hospital not at all unlike Harvard, I was not alarmed at the lightness with which "schixophrenia" was touched upon in King of Hearts. (Myself, I find the morbid excesses of neurosis in Bergman, for example, much less realistic and far more boring, especially when they're sprung upon me in the name of "entertainment"!)

That a Harvard Paper should bother to print up such a spate of letters, however, comes as a great shock.

I can only say (though I hope I'm not being too temperate) that there must be many more far more interesting things to which these pages could be calling the attention of Harvard Students. Before everyone up and down the East Coast decides all of Harvard's mad...!! Terry Tucker   Tutor, Winthrop House

P.S. (This is not saccharine, it's Irish Whiskey!!)