Student Group Will Attempt to Stop USMC Recruiter at Boston University

A Boston University student group will attempt to seal off an administration building today and prevent a marine recruiter from holding interviews.

At a meeting conducted by the B.U. Students Against Military Recruitment yesterday, the 100 people present voted to picket the university's Office of Career Planning and Placement (OCPP), beginning at 8:30 a.m. this morning.

The demonstration will be the first major test of the B.U. Provisional Student Disciplinary Code, which was approved last April 20.

Chesca Bang, chairwoman of yesterday's meeting at Marsh Plaza, asked students to defy chapter 5 of the code and risk suspension by leaving their B.U. identification cards at home while they picket.

Bang said that she expected at least 60 people from other Boston campuses, including Harvard, Boston College and Northeastern.


Robert Cahalane, a member of the B.U. student group, yesterday challenged the B.U. administration's timing in releasing the code: "The new code was issued the day before the OCPP announced that the Marine recruiter would be coming," he said.

However, Victor Linquist, director of the OCPP, denied any connection between the two events. "The Marines requested a date for an interview, and we provided them with one, just as we would with any other group."

Linquist also denied Cahalane's claim that the recruiter was scheduled during the B.U. reading period in order to minimize student protest.

A spokesman for the Boston Police Department said yesterday that although B.U. notified him about a possible conflict, there would be no City Police dispatched unless the B.U. Administration made a specific request today.