Box Jox Stifle 'Cliffe Varsity Tennis Team, 6-3

Jox Resort to Riggs's Tactics to Squelch Women; Steiner Offers Roses to Appease Court Opponents

As if Bobby Riggs's victory over Margaret Court wasn't enough, the Box Jox tennis team, ranging in talent from Cambridge Tennis Club Champion Chase Peterson to "Boom-Boom" Dan Steiner (as the girls affectionately call him), trounced the Radcliffe squad Monday, 6-3, winning three out of six singles games and all three doubles matches.

A suave and polished Derek Bok--dressed in a Brown Perry shirt--wiped the court with Radcliffe's number one player, Meg Morgan, 8-4. The match was living proof of Matina Horner's thesis that women fear success: Morgan's hard and well-placed shots put Bok to shame, but totally psyched out, she threw away her serves and lost.

A Bouquet of Roses

Prior to his 8-4 victory over Jill Robertson, Steiner presented the Radcliffe team with a mammoth bouquet of roses, a la Riggs. Equally chivalrous and chauvinistic, Steiner gave away three games to Robertson, and at one point returned her way-out-of-bounds shot at set-point with a wink.

Things were not so genteel on the next court where Chase Peterson, using his famous garbage shots, mercilessly creamed Sarah Stearns, Radcliffe's number two player, 8-1.

Joyce Skon and Marcie Richmond had better luck, but considering their opponents, Mike Brewer and Hale Champion, Radcliffe's victory was no surprise. Skon whipped Brewer, 8-4, and Richmond gave Hale (not quite so) Champion more than he could handle, 8-6.

The new dean of the Faculty, Henry (The Rookie) Rosovsky making his debut with Box Jox, was a welcome addition for the Jox opponents. Lissa Mucatine sent Rosovsky flying back to Japan, in an 8-4 outcome that was a foregone conclusion.

Jox coach Steiner was not impressed with Rosovsky's debut. "That damn Henry will do anything to ingratiate himself with students," Steiner said. "I would have done anything to win," Rosovsky retorted.

Radcliffe had no luck in doubles. Stearns and Morgan handed two sets to Bok and Peterson, 6-2, 6-4. Skon and Robertson followed suit, losing to Steiner and Brewer, 6-0, in the first set, and in an amazing comeback, salvaged 10 of their 22 games in the second set.

Comedy of Errors

In a final comedy of errors, Rosovsky and Champion clobbered Kathy Agoos and Muscatine, 6-4, 7-6.

Bok explained that the Cliffies were much better tennis players than the Jox, but he commented that "perhaps the lovely lasses from Radcliffe were a little drowsy from the night before," or "had been overcome by our roses."

Bok declined to elaborate on what he meant by "the night before."

The match leaves us with one glaring question: What do our well-salaried administrators do with their time at Harvard?

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