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The Radcliffe and Harvard chapters of Phi Beta Kappa have announced the election of 27 women and 74 men to membership in the honorary fraternity.

The women are: Ann T. Bailen of Eliot House; Elizabeth T. Barsh of North House and Cambridge; Harriet A. Bering of Lowell House; Agnes I. Candide of Dudley House and Washington, D.C.; Ann V. Coates of North House and Little Rock, Ark.; Deborah A. Coleman of Lowell House and Charlotte, N.C.; Susan E. Cross of North House and Lexington; Vaughn Finn of Lowell House and Washington, D.C.; and, Debbie J. Goldman of Currier House and Highland Park III.

Also elected were: Sallie T. Gouverneur of Lowell House and Kent, Conn.; Mary S. Holland of Currier House and Princeton, M.J.; Judith F. Kaufer of North House and New York City; Wendy C. Lesser of Dunster House and Palo Alto, Calif.; Melinda Liu of Currier House and Kettering, Ohio; Lucy T. Marx of Dudley House and Amherst; Randy S. Milden of Currier House and Haverhill; Carol C. Neely of Dudley House; and Ellen S. Peel of South House and Alexandria, va.

Also: Karen L. Peterson of Quincy House and Honolulu, Hawaii; Linda Rink of Lowell House and Wilmington, Del.; Patti B. Saris of Dunster House and Boston; Abby Sniderman of Mather House and Pittsburgh, Pa.; Jill E. Stein of Dudley House and Highland Park, III.; Ann F. Thomas of Currier House and Cherry Hill, N.J.; Sarah E. Thompson of North House and Lexington, Ky.; Helen R. Trilling of Quincy House and Woodland Hills, Calif.; and, Nancy E. Wilson of Leverett House and Coral Gables, Fla.

The men elected are: Philip N. Alexander of Dunster House and Kingston, Jamaica; John Arao of Leverett House and Evanston, III.; Jeffrey D. Bernhard of Quincy House and Buffalo, N.Y.; Michael M. Biehl of Adams House and Elm Grove, Wis.; John P. Boyd of Lowell House and Stoneham; Steven C. Bunnell of Kirkland House and Rumson, N.J.; Ira A. Burnim of North House and Melrose; and, Jack F. Conn of South House and CreveCoeur, Mo.

Also elected were: Christopher R. Conte of Lowell House and Olympia, Wash.; Jeffrey H. Davidson of Dudley House and Cambridge; Alan Dean of Leverett House and Elmhurst, N.Y.: Ronald A. Dieck-mann of Winthrop House and Cincinnati, Ohio; E.J. Dionne of Adams House and Fall River; Donald S. Elfendein of Winthrop House and Harrisburg, Pa.; and, Jonathan G. Falk of Dunster House and Morristown, N.J.

Also: Joshua M. Farber of Mather House and Brooklyn, N.Y.; Arthur B. Feinsod of Eliot House and Roslyn, N.Y.; Harry M. Flechtner of Winthrop House and Fostoria, Ohio; David I. Folkerts-Landau of Winthrop House and London, England; Bobby Fong of Adams House and Oakland, Calif.; Thomas L. Force of South House and Vandalia, III.; Richard D. Friedman of Winthrop House and Rockville Centre, N.Y. and, William F. Ganong III of Dunster House and Albany, Calif.

Also: Francisco R. Garcia of Mather House and San Salvador, El Salvador; Ronald R. Garet of Mather House and Los Angeles; Leigh G. Hafrey of North House and Bethesda, Md.; Baruch Halpern of North House and Philadelphia; James P. Harbison of Quincy House and Meadowbrook, Pa.; Vernon Judson Harward III of Leverett House and Northhampton; Patrick G. Hogan of Dudley House and San Francisco, Calif,; and, Edwin K. Huang of Winthrop House and Bethesda, Md.; and, Richard G. Ingber of Mather House and Flushing, N.Y.

Also selected were: John Q. Johnson of Leverett House and Chappaqua, N.Y.: Michael J. Kaplan of Mather House and Northport, N.Y.; R. Michael Kaus of Adams House and Beverly Hills, Calif.; David C. Kibbe of Eliot House and Hudson, Ohio; Hillel J. Kieval of Peabody Terrace and Auburndale; David A. Koplow of Winthrop House and Sioux Falls, S.D.; William H. Lohman of Quincy House and Providence, R.I.; Wayne H. McGuire of Dudley House and Somerville; and, Jerry A. Menikoff of Dunster House and Massapeque Park, N.Y.

Also: James B. Metzger of Mather House and Princeton, N.J.; Michael W. Michelson of Leverett House and Springfield, Pa.; Winthrop G. Minot of Lowell House and Greenwich, Conn.; Lawrence G. Miller of Quincy House and Baltimore, Md.; Timorthy i. Mueller of Leverett House and Framingham; Carl F. Muller of North House and Blythewood, S.C.; James W. Muller of Currier House and Mt. Kisco, M.Y.; Stephen N. Oesterle of Adams House and West Lafayette, Ind.; and, Harry J. Porta of Leverett House and Pittsburgh, Pa.

Also: George W. Pigman III of Currier House and New Orleans, La.; George Putnam III of Lowell House and Manchester; Michael B. Reuben of Quincy House and Oakbrook, III.; James H. Rogers Jr. of Dudley House and Hartsville, N.C.; Michael C. Ross of Leverett House and Albuquerque, N.M.; David A. Schuldberg of Dudley House and Seattle, Wash.; and, Mark Schultz of Mather House and Allentown, Pa.

Also elected were: Glenn M. Schwetz of Eliot House and Dun Ellen, N.J.; Robert M. Sedgewick Jr. of Quincy House and Dedham; Benjamin B. Sendor of Leverett House and Queens Village, N.Y.; Dennis L. Sepper of South House and Medina, Ohio; Theodore P. Seto of Dunster House and Teheran, Iran; Robert T. Skovbroten of Winthrop House and Red Wing, Minn.; Michael J. Smith of Currier House and Yonkers, N.Y.; and, Patrick J. Smith of Leverett House and Miami, Fla.

Also: Sidney S. Soldate of Leverett House and Arcadia, Calif.; Gayle L. Stephens of Dudley House and Wichita, kansas; Kenneth P. Swartz of Mather House and Newton; John A. Vering III of Eliot House and Marysville, Kansas; and, Brent H. Vine of Mather House and West Princeton, N.J.

Also: Seth P. Waxman of Quincy House and West Hartford, Conn.; Mark J. Welshimer of Leverett House and Canton, Ohio; Jeremy A. Whipple of Lowell House and Marblehead; and, Michael C. Zaslow of Mather House and Broomall, Pa.

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