The Second Annual Crimson Cube Sports Quiz

Once again the Crimson Sports Department reaches back for some sporting news during exam period, and once again the only thing we can come up with is a second annual sports quiz which is more subjective and less enlightening than last year's fiasco.

The examination is divided into eight parts. Each section is designed to test a different area of you sports recollection. Part 1: Identification of key sports names:

a. Purple Gang

b. Doomsday Defense

c. No-Name defense


d. Luther Rackley

e. Ed Kranepool

f. Jersey knights

g. Lou Silver

h. Boom-Boom

i. Woo-Woo

j. Pee-Wee

Part 2: Franchise shifts: Where did the following originate?

a. Milwaukee Brewers

b. Los Angeles Lakers