Leftists Oppose Garrity's Plan, Rally to End 'Racist' Attacks

Approximately 60 anti-busing demonstrators rallied on Boston Common yesterday to protest the "racist" attitude of the Boston School Committee and to demand an end to police attacks on blacks in South Boston.

People for a Decent Education, an ad hoc group supported by the Harvard chapter of the Revolutionary Student Brigade, said that the city's busing plan "does nothing to stop the discrimination and racism in the Boston school system or to give black, Latin or white kids a better education."

During the hour-long protest, speakers from the group, prompted by cheers, chants and fist raisings from the audience, called U.S. District Court Judge W. Arthur Garrity's busing plan a design "of the bourgeosie" to divide working-class people and keep them from fighting for a quality education.

Robin Schulberg '73, one of the leaders of the group, said during the demonstration, "The grievance against the school committee is that they're building a racist school system; they're putting money into the busing apparatus instead of into the schools themselves."

Police Officers Donald Quinn and Jimmy Schulla from the first precinct, sent to watch the demonstration, said the protest was "duck soup." "The thing has gone beyond the busing issue; the solution is quality education. Why didn't they bus the teachers?" Schulla said.


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