Kirkland Committee Drafts New House Security Guidelines

The Kirkland House Committee met last night with Kirkland residents to discuss security proposals, in response to an attempted rape of a Kirkland House resident Saturday night.

Three main proposals receiving a general consensus were:

* Hiring a student to guard the main entrance of Kirkland House at night and requiring identification of visitors to the House;

* Acquiring a higher gate outside the annex building courtyard; and

* Improving lighting in entryways and in front of House doors.


A proposal to lock entryway doors was rejected, Steven Dart '75, House Committee Chairman, said because students felt that it would have a "debasing effect on House life," and because it would prove ineffective.

Dart said that 95 percent of the students present at the meeting were women and added "The males of Kirkland House might disagree with some of the proposals."

Dart said a subcommittee was formed to "draft preference sheets for Kirkland residents to vote on proposals" in order to produce a uniform consensus.