Man Surrenders To Boston Police After Game Brawl

The owner of a gun taken by police after a brawl at Saturday's football game yesterday surrendered to Boston Police.

Robert B. Furtado was booked on two charges of assault and battery and one count of disorderly conduct.

Furtado, who is 33 years old, reportedly fought with police and spectators in the Harvard Stadium. Police took a revolver from him after the disturbance, but he then escaped into the crowd.

Four other were arrested and six Harvard Police injured in what Deane W. Lord, director of information, said were, "small skirmishes" between police and spectators.

Harold B. Conrad, a University employee, was convicted yesterday of destruction of real estate property in Brighton District Court. The Court ordered him to pay $187.50 to the University for damages he caused to a goal-post in Webster Field next to the Stadium.


Lord said that most of the disturbances took place both in and under sections 16-24 in the bowl of the Stadium.

Most of the disturbances involved teenage spectators who were not part of the Harvard community, she said.

Incidents of petty theft and minor violence have reportedly increased in the Stadium and the Administration is studying ways of improving security in the Stadium and surrounding areas.

Robert Tonis, chief of the University Police, said he was pleased with his men and the job they did. "They did not need this from the people they try to help," he said.