25 Picket Against Harvard Pro Despite Eggs, Football Players

A small crowd of orderly demonstrators picketed outside the Harvard Provision Co. Saturday night for over two hours, despite attempts by some teenagers and Harvard football players to disrupt the picket line.

The picketers--numbering about 25--were seeking support for a nationwide boycott of Gallo wines sponsored by the United Farm Workers of America.

At about 8 p.m., a small number of teenagers stood on the corner of Dunster and Mt. Auburn Sts. and threw eggs at the picketers, fleeing immediately afterward.

Two Cambridge patrolmen were inside the store but took no action. They explained to the picketers that they were hired by the storeowners and could do nothing about violence on the street.

About half an hour later, the bus carrying the Harvard varsity football team back from Hanover, N.H., stopped at the same corner. Over a half dozen players stepped off the bus, shouting that they wanted to buy Gallo wine.

Sticks and Stones

Those who entered the store pushed their way through the line and called the picketers "fags" and "losers" on their way out.

Several passers-by also shouted insults at the picketers during the two--hour demonstration, but others showed signs of support by honking horns or raising clenched fists.

The store managers said Saturday night the picketing has not significantly affected sales--even of Gallo products. They have said in the past they feel the boycott is unfair.

Would-be customers, however, did turn away from Harvard Pro on Saturday night, apparently because of the strength of the picketers' argument or for fear of crossing the line.

Leaders of the Harvard-Radcliffe Boycott Support Committee said Saturday night they were pleased with the numbers of customers who refused to cross the picket lines. Starting this week, the committee plans to picket the store Friday nights, Saturday afternoons and Saturday nights--the store's peak selling hours.

The picketers, including members of the Radcliffe-Harvard New American Movement and the Democratic-Socialist Organizing Committee, support the UFW and its claims that the Gallo Co. signed unfair labor contracts with the Teamsters' union in 1973. Gallo spokesmen deny the charge and say the company considers the boycott unfair.

The picketers say they will continue picketing and will try to intensify the boycott of both Gallo and Harvard Provision until the store joins other Square-area liquor stores in taking Gallo off their shelves