Rosovsky Will Staff Afro With Joint Appointments

Dean Rosovsky will ask several academic departments this week to suggest the names of scholars who could fill joint appointments in Afro-American Studies and another department.

Rosovsky will also ask Ewart Guinier '33, chairman of the Afro Department, to look for new tenured faculty members who will hold positions in Afro alone, John B. Fox Jr. '59, Rosovsky's special assistant, said yesterday.

A special subcommittee of the Faculty Council will screen the recommendations of Guinier and other department chairmen and then submit them to the ad hoc committees that pass on all Faculty tenured appointments.

Fruitless Search

Rosovsky dissolved the four-member Afro faculty search committee last week after it worked for more than a year without finding any new tenured faculty for the Afro Department.

Guinier and the departments will replace the search committee as the conduit for new Afro appointments.

Rosovsky would not comment last night on the new procedure, but he will release the names of the members of the new Faculty Council subcommittee, a copy of his letter to departments and a statement on joint appointments within the next few days.

Guinier, the only tenured member of the Afro Department, was out of town yesterday and unavailable for comment, but he has consistently opposed staffing the Afro Department through joint appointments in Afro and another field.

He said Tuesday that "the experience at Harvard has been that departments most likely to have joint appointments with Afro have never found anyone competent in Afro-American Studies."

Rosovsky will name later this week the departments he will solicit for possible joint appointments with Afro.

The October 1972 report of the Committee to Review the Department of Afro-American Studies, which Rosovsky says expresses his views on joint appointments, recommends staffing the Afro Department through joint appointments and "a strong, solid core" of faculty with tenure in Afro alone.