Med School Professor Heads Hospital Infant Care Program

The Harvard Medical School and three Boston hospitals have established a joint program to centralize the infant care facilities of three area hospitals.

Dr. William Taeusch, assistant professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, has been appointed director of the joint program which will include Beth Israel Hospital, Boston Hospital for Women, and Childrens Hospital Medical Center.

Taeusch said yesterday the medical school's role will be primarily "one of sanctioning," yet the school will be expected to split 30 per cent of a more than $1-million budget with Childrens Hospital. The remainder will be handled by the other two hospitals.

By consolidating the infant-care resources of the three hospitals, Taeusch said he believes more effective medical service can be given at a lower cost. The three hospitals presently handle 15,000 births a year, and the new program will provide specialized infant care for 1,500 a year.

The pediatrics division of Harvard Medical School has worked closely with all three hospitals in the past and participation in this program reflects a continuing affiliation between these institutions, Taeusch said yesterday.


The program will be centered at Boston Hospital for Women, on Longwood Ave. in Roxbury, and the staff will include 10 full time doctors and 12 interns.