City Council Puts Off Meeting With Bok on Harvard's Plans

The City Council last night postponed today's scheduled meeting to discuss University expansion plans with President Bok.

The meeting, which had been set up for today at 12:30 p.m. at the Sheraton Commander Hotel, has tentatively been rescheduled for next Tuesday evening.

Councilor Alfred E. Vellucci moved to postpone the meeting after determining that nearly half the councilors could not make today's meeting.

"I can't be there," Vellucci said. "I have a job and have to support my family." Three other councilors also said they would be working tomorrow, and could not meet with Bok.

Vellucci moved that the meeting be rescheduled for an evening when all the councilors could attend. "We're not going to meet with him when he wants, he's going to meet with us," Vellucci said, again threatening to subpoena Bok if he did not agree to a new meeting.


The Council also passed a resolution calling upon the General Services Administration to announce when the environmental impact statement for the proposed John F. Kennedy Memorial Library will be ready.

The environmental report has been repeatedly delayed past its original June deadline and the last announcement from the GSA postponed publication indefinitely.

"I think it's time we put pressure on the GSA to get the report out," Councilor Saundra Graham, a co-sponsor of the resolution, said after the meeting. "Everybody's asking 'Where's the report?'"

Graham said she would soon start a letter-writing campaign among Cambridgeport-Riverside residents to ask the GSA to release the Kennedy Library study.