Arthur Cole, Baker Librarian From 1932 to 1956, Dies at 84

Arthur H. Cole, professor of Business Economics Emeritus and former Business School librarian, died Sunday in Boston. He was 84.

Cole served as librarian of the Business School's Baker Library from 1932 to his retirement in 1956.

Lawrence E. Fouraker, dean of the Business School, said yesterday that Cole was "the pivotal person in the development of that library to a standard of excellence unmatched anywhere."

"Cole was librarian in the period when you had to choose what sort of library you were going to have, and he chose the right direction," Fouraker added.

Cole was also a student of the changing business structure of the United States. His books include "Fluctuation in American Business, 1790-1860," "The American Wool Manufacture," and "Wholesale Commodity Prices in the United States, 1700-1861."


A recently renovated room in the Baker Library will be named for Cole. The room contains corporate records, many of which were compiled by him.

Lawrence J. Kipp, present librarian of the Baker Library, said yesterday that Cole "came in when the library was beginning to take shape, and collected materials that eventually made it a very valuable research tool."

"Very much of the stature of the Baker Library today is due to Arthur Cole," Kipp added.

A memorial service at Memorial Church will be announced later.