Stickwomen Lose Three Games In Weekend Play

Though the luckless Radcliffe field hockey team maintained its winless record three times last weekend in the Northeast College Conference Tournament on the fields of Phillips Academy in Andover, the weekend was not all gloomy.

The stickwomen learned that karen Linsley, a forward, had been voted a position on the Northeast Conference first team, an honor Molly Quimby, the team's assistant coach termed "really fantastic."

The good news came at the end of a balmy weekend tournament which saw the field hockey team lose to Barrington College 2-1, to Brown 3-2, and to the University of Vermont 4-0.

"I really thought we played very well," team member Nancy Sato said yesterday.

"We would just let down for a brief moment and that's when the other team would score," she explained.


Assistant coach Quimby said the play against Brown showed considerable improvement from the team's previous performance against that school earlier this year when the stickwomen lost 5-2.

Six on Six

Only 12 players came out for the squad this year, so the team must play six-on-six during practices.

"We can only play with each other at games," Sato explained, "so it's hard to build teamwork."

The team will be looking for its first victory this Thursday when they meet Wellesley.