CHUL to Hear 1-to-1 Petition On Wednesday

The Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life will consider at its meeting Wednesday endorsing a petition calling for a one-to-one Harvard admissions policy.

Joann L. Tuller '76, the North House CHUL representative, said last night she will put the petition on the CHUL's agenda today.

Deborah R. Leiderman '76, one of the organizers of the petition drive, said last night that it now has about 1520 signatures, and that the signatures from South, Currier and Kirkland Houses have not yet been counted.

The petition's organizers will also send it to Presidents Horner and Bok, Leiderman said. She said they will talk to Horner in person before the CHUL meeting.

Leiderman, Flora M. Macquarrie '75 and Gillian C. Emmons '76 decided to distribute the petition at last week's registration in response to the CHUL's decision last month to recommend an end to specific sex ratios in the Houses.


Strong Negative Reaction

The petition cites the "strong negative reaction by Quad residents" to the CHUL decision as proof that a one-to-one ratio is "desirable and beneficial."

Leiderman said she is not yet sure of the wording of the motion the petition's organizers will present to the CHUL, but said, "The general goal will be one-to-one."

Steuart H. Thomsen '76, the Mather House CHUL representative, said last night that CHUL's response to the resolution accompanying the petition depends on the way it is worded.

"If the resolution comes out specifically for one-to-one, there's a chance some students who favor sex-blind admissions will oppose it," Thomsen said.

However, Thomsen said, if the resolution is more generally worded and calls only for an increased number of women in the College, "there's little doubt that most of the student representatives will support it."