resolve the issue "with the best common sense and logic."

"I know no other way without making it a big emotional issue," he said. "I don't know whether we can pull it off."

Hall said he hopes to reach a decision on the matter within two weeks.

"I have every faith that Afro, Hillel, and Sanctuary will avoid making this a big issue," he added.

The only angle of the situation that is near resolution is the proposed move of Sanctuary. Hall said that the Sacramento St. home of the Cultural Center is wellsuited for Sanctuary.


Good Neighbor Policy

Neighbors of the 74 Mt. Auburn St. building do not seem to care who moves in.

"It's not of particular interest to us," Zachary K. Shipley '74 president of the Phoenix Club at 72 Mt. Auburn St., said last night. "We don't mind having Elsie's or the Fly Club across the street."

"We'd be much more concerned if Harvard built a 70-story high-rise there," he said.

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