Commission Asks English 166 Class For Exam Reports

The Commission of Inquiry has asked all students who took English 166, "The Novel Since 1945," last semester to report on whether they knew in advance part of the content of the course's final exam.

John Holmes, a first-year graduate student and the commission member collecting information from English 166 students, said yesterday the commission is "trying to see who had access to information about the exam and who didn't."

No Reply

Holmes said he posted signs Friday in ten of the Houses asking English 166 students to call him, but that so far he has only gotten one response.

The commission issued the call for information about English 166 as part of its investigation of the fairness of the course's final exam.


Three Mather House residents in English 166 filed a complaint with the commission last month, charging that the course's instructor, Robert J. Kiely, professor of English and master of Adams House, gave students at an Adams review session an unfair advantage on the exam.

Kiely revealed at the review session the general form of the exam and two specific questions.