To the Editors of The Crimson:

I write as Acting Chairman of the Committee on the Lauro de Bosis Lectureship to correct some misunderstandings in the news item on this subject in your issue of Monday, February 6.

This lectureship was founded by Ruth Draper in 1938 in memory of Lauro de Bosis for the appointment of lecturers who would "trace the influence and illuminate the gifts which Italian culture has given to the world." The first appointee was Professor Gaetano Salvemini, then in exile. He received the stipend until his return to his professorship at the University of Florence after the War.

The income from the fund given by Miss Draper was not sufficient to appoint a lecturer annually and it was decided to make an appointment every other year for one semester only. Under this system the University had for the next twenty years a series of distinguished visiting professors including among others Giorgio Spini, Roberto Lopez, Arnaldo Momigliano, Carlo Dionisotti and Federigo Zeri.

Last year the Agnelli Foundation and a number of other donors in Italy provided additional funds for the purposes of the De Bosis endowment. This generous gift has made possible the welcome appointment of Professor Prodi of Bologna this semester. Henceforth, the Committee hopes to be able to invite a lecturer on some aspect of Italian civilization every year. Myron P. Gilmore   Professor of History