MacEwan Accepts One-Year Contract In Economics Dept.

Arthur MacEwan, assistant professor of Economics, and a specialist in socialist economics and imperialism, has been hired to remain at Harvard for one more year as a lecturer.

MacEwan's contract as an assistant professor expires this year. He was not offered an associate professor position.

MacEwan said that he had accepted the one-year Harvard contract because he wanted to stay in Boston due to personal considerations, and that no other jobs were available in the area.

"It is difficult for a radical professor to get hired in this country," MacEwan said yesterday. He added that he feels he was turned down for some jobs for political reasons.

MacEwan said his rehiring does not reflect a change in the policy of the Economics Department. "I was given a one-year contract because it is a cheap way for Harvard to have a radical in Economics without making any permanent commitment to teaching radical economics," he said.


The future role of radical economics at Harvard will be determined by continued faculty and student pressure, MacEwan said yesterday. "There are plenty of competent people if Harvard really wants to hire radical economists," he said.

MacEwan will teach only undergraduate courses next year because, he said, "There is little concern for undergraduate education in the research-oriented Economics Department. It does not bring money or prestige."

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