An Open Letter to Dan Swanson, President of The Crimson, 1973-1974:

Early last semester in my column in The Independent I criticized you for lending support to non-democratic movements both in this country and abroad. In a lengthy reply to The Independent, you stated, among other things, a commitment to the construction of a free and open society.

Throughout the past five months I have followed your pieces on the editorial page of The Crimson, and they have convinced me that you do possess such a commitment. I want to praise, in particular, your coverage of the events in Chile and Vietnam: coverage for which the University community is indebted.

You were quick to denounce the brutal coup in Chile in September and since, along with Seth Kupferberg have detailed the brutality of the regime. By now it should be clear to everyone--no matter what were their opinions of the policies of Dr. Allende--that the present regime seeks to enslave a people and quash all humanitarian impulses with unspeakable cruelty.

As important, under your leadership, The Crimson constantly reminded us of the continual destruction wrought by our country in Southeast Asia. Though I believe you have romanticized the role of the NLF, you have been on target in your denunciation of the corrupt and repressive Thieu regime.

The sentiments of democracy and egalitarianism that you expressed in your "Parting Shot" were noble ones. I am confident that in the future you will hold true to them. I only hope that I and others in our class can do so. Mike Bernick