ACLU Washington Office Offers Aid To Student Lobbyists for Impeachment

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), as part of its national campaign aimed at the impeachment and trial of President Nixon, has offered to help college student groups plan lobbying trips to Washington, D.C.

In a letter to newspapers at colleges in ten states near Washington, the ACLU said it has already provided educational material about impeachment and information on lobbying to several dozen interested groups.

Jerry Alberg of the ACLU Washington office said yesterday that the ACLU, in addition to providing basic factual information on the constitutional grounds for impeachment, has helped student lobbying groups to find places to stay, and to obtain appointments with congressmen.

Alberg said student lobbying was particularly valuable because college students are a large, identifiable voting bloc. Despite publicity surrounding the present impeachment inquiry, lobbying is still important so that congressmen do not think the issue is dying out, he added.

Intentional Ignorance


Alberg said some congressmen intentionally remain ignorant of their constituents' opinions and must be forced to recognize what their constituency wants.

Furthermore, Alberg said that although lobbying may do little to sway those congressmen who are dead set against impeachment, it can significantly influence those who are not sure of their position.

"If lobbying has no impact at all, then something is very wrong," Alberg said.