Worker Advocate Hits Imbalance Law

Legislature Repeals Measure

On the same day anti-busing advocates in the Massachusetts legislature dealt the state's Racial Imbalance Law a blow, a spokesman for the Party for Workers' Power attacked that law last night at the Phillips Brooks House.

The legislature rushed a bill to repeal the imbalance plan through the House and Senate, and following a final vote, sent the repeal measure to Gov. Francis W. Sargent. Sargent is expected to veto the bill.

Small Crowd

Last night speaking before ten people at PBH, Jared Israel of the Party for Workers' Power said that the "idea of black inferiority either culturally or genetically is firmly behind this law."

Israel said that a premise of the imbalance plan is that blacks must go to school with whites in order to learn. He said that the plan fails to adjust what he called the true discrepancy: poor physical plants and high student-teacher ratios at black schools.