Radcliffe the Favorite to Keep Eastern Sprints Championships

The undefeated Radcliffe crew will be seeking to retain its Eastern Association of Women's Rowing Championships title on Lake Beseck in Middlefield, Conn., this Sunday.

Radcliffe assured itself of the number one seed with a convincing one-length triumph over five of its main challengers last week at Williams College.

The principal threats to Radcliffe will come from strong Connecticut College, Princeton and Yale crews, all of whom Radcliffe beat by sometimes less-than-decisive margins during the regular season.

Throw in a couple of potential dark horses like Dartmouth and MIT, and Radcliffe will have the fight of its life on its hands.

But the 'Cliffe rowers are still confident about their chances.


"We've beaten these teams before," captain Connie Cervilla said yesterday, "and I think we can do it again. We're all really keyed up for the race."

Radcliffe coach John Baker will stay with the same winning combination that he has used for the last few weeks-with Alison Hill at stroke, Allison Hall at seven, Wikki Royden at six, Jenny Getsinger at five, Cervilla at four, Katie Moss at three, Marie Adams at two and Judy Ames at the bow slot.

Subtle Change

Baker has made a subtle change in his rowing strategy. To avoid the bad starts that have plagued Radcliffe throughout the year, Baker is having his oarswomen take the first few strokes of the race with a shorter slide in order to get the boat moving more quickly and more smoothly. This should help to keep crabs and washings-out from occurring during the start.

In its opening heat, Radcliffe will meet Williams, Dartmouth and Wellesley.

Radcliffe also will enter a varsity four for the Sprints four's championship.

Amy Sacks is cowswain, with Sarah Kuhn at bow, Robin Lothrop at two, Anne Robinson at three and Barbara Norris at stroke.

"We're all excited about this weekend," Sacks said yesterday. "The team that wants the Sprints the most gets it-and we want it."

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