CHUL Accepts Revised Rules For House-to-House Transfers

The Committee on Housing and Undergraduate Life (CHUL) yesterday approved new regulations for House-to-House transfers.

CHUL also decided after listening to representatives from the striking printers' union and Harvard that it was not in the committee's domain to take a stand on the issue.

The new House-transfer regulations will affect students who wish to move after receiving a Housing Office assignment.

The new rules eliminate the moratorium on House transfers for freshmen who received a low choice assignment by the Housing Office. Before the new regulations, the office would not allow freshmen to change Houses until December 1.

Bruce Collier, research associate in the Office of Instructional Research and Evaluation, said yesterday that students who received their seventh or lesser choice will be allowed to switch Houses.


The new regulations shift the responsibility for House changes from each House to the Housing Office. In the past, students wishing to transfer Houses could place their names on various Houses' waiting lists, but Collier said this practice will end.

Instead, students wishing to change residence will apply at the Housing Office and will be assigned to their choice, as rooms become available.

Earlier in the meeting Paul Golden, vice president of the Graphic Arts International Union local 300, and John B. Butler, Harvard director of personnel, spoke to the full committee about the printers' strike.

Although the committee as a whole decided to take no action on the strike, the student members unanimously agreed to sign a statement supporting the printers' union's demands. The statement read in part that "The University's current offer is inadequate. We urge the University to reopen negotiations in an effort to reach a settlement more acceptable to the union."

The CHUL later discussed questions concerning its domain, structure, role and effectiveness in the Harvard community