"Well, one hell of a lot of people don't give one damn about this issue of the suppression of the press, etc..." The Front Page is by Charles MacArthur and Ben Hecht, and all I remember about it for sure is that it's about a hard-boiled reporter trying to save an innocent man so he can get a good story and that it's absolutely classic. With so much good reading already in the papers, maybe it's a little unrealistic, I guess, but what can you expect from Chicago? Opens tonight at 8 at the Loeb.

"She should come out in tears as a result of the fact that she is virtually lying about one thing and our people will be on the--" Helen is by Mr. Euripides, who a colleague of Richard Nixon on the Un-American Activities once cited for spreading communist propaganda. Classics-minded sources tell me this play is pretty misogynist, however, and it's being done in the original Greek, which should minimize its danger. I will not quote the relevant line from Julius Caesar. Tonight till Saturday, 7:30 at the Loeb Ex.

Unless we see, you know, some sort of a reluctant dragon there..." The Leverett House Arts Festival is sponsoring a dramatic reading contest, selections to come from Lord of the Rings. Night lies over isengard. Sunday at 2, in the Leverett Towers Courtyard.

"This is absurd stuff they are saying, and--" Ruddigore is by Sir Arthur Sullivan and Sir William Schwenk Gilbert. It's about a witch's curse which dooms the hero to commit a crime a day, rather like some political figures, but being more ingenious than they, he finds a way out. Listen for the madrigal in the first-act finale--in fact, if only because it may be Gerald Moshell's last show here, you might listen to it all. Opens tonight at 8:30 at Agassiz.

"...he hired Wayne the Wizard to fly in from the Virgin Islands to perform a magic show. He sent invitations to all the black diplomats and sent limousines out to have them picked up, and they all showed up and they hadn't been invited..." Which clears up the mystery of what happened to The Wizard of Oz when the balloon burst. 8 at Dunster House; there's a review on page 2, I believe.