Graham Will Head Radcliffe Institute

Horner Picks Columbia Professor

President Horner has asked Harvard's two governing boards to approve next week the appointment of Patricia Albjers Graham, a professor of History and Education at the Teachers' College of Columbia University, as director of the Radcliffe Institute.

Horner selected Graham for the post last week after a two-year search that began shortly after she took over the Radcliffe presidency.

The Institute is one of Radcliffe's nine major departments and uses one-third of Radcliffe's $3 million annual budget. It grants about 35 fellowships a year to women, most of them professional scholars, but has expanded its scope in the last year to include research on para-professional training for women.

Graham, who was an Institute fellow in the 1972-73 academic year as well as a Guggenheim fellow and an American Council of Education fellow at Princeton University, was one of 138 applicants for the Institute directorship.

Horner said she narrowed the field to four "top-level people" of whom Graham was the best. "We're absolutely thrilled with her," Horner added.

Graham's appointment will be for one year, subject to pro forma renewal every year. Horner said she will also have a tenured professorship at the Graduate School of Education.

Horner warned that the usually routine approval of the seven-member Harvard Corporation, which will consider Graham's appointment Monday, and the 30-member Board of Overseers, whose members will pass on the appointment by mail, is by no means already assured.

"There are only four Radcliffe appointments that require governing boards approval, so they'll give it careful scrutiny," Horner said.

Graham will teach at the Ed School only if she has time to take on other duties besides the Institute directorship, Horner said, adding that Graham wanted a teaching appointment because "the work of the Institute requires academic kinds of qualifications."

Graham became a full professor at Columbia in 1972, after six years there.