Public Offered 1937 U.S.Gov't Art Prints


A series of rare coincidences has led to the historic discovery of several thousand sets of full color antique art prints that were "lost since 1937." They are now being offered to the American public.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Back in 1937, immediately following the depression years, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt and a select group of a dozen nationally prominent people formed a voluntary national committee for art appreciation to create an art program that would give the public a well-needed moral lift. It was the committee's decision to select the world's most famous paintings from the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries - the best paintings of Matisse, Van Gogh, Gainsborough, Picasso, Gauguin, Titian, etc., and to reproduce them in full color as perfectly as humanly possible and make them available to the public at a price within the reach of nearly everyone.

Abandoned in 1937

For some unknown reason, after a quantity of these beautiful reproductions were made, the entire project was abandoned and this collection of perfect reproductions was stored in a Brooklyn warehouse, where they remained undisturbed since 1937.

The lost collection was "rediscovered" and leading lithographers and art critics agree that the subject matter and quality of detail and color reproduction is incredibly accurate. Over $500,000.00 had been spent to make finely engraved glass printing plates.

These authentic original 1937 prints are literally collectors' items and have been appraised by the American Appraisers Assoc. at $7.00 each print. Once they have been sold, there will be no more available. A truly excellent art "investment" that makes a fabulous gift.

Available to Public

Now, after 38 years these full color 11"x14" (ave.size) prints are finally available to the public at &19.95 for a collection of 18 prints. Send cash, check or money order to: U.S. Surplus, Dept. #X27, P. O. Box 605, Tarzana, Calif.91356. Fully GUARANTEED. Certificate of authenticity given with each set. Mastercharge and BankAmericard OK (give card number).