Theater Continues King of Hearts Despite Advertising

"King of Hearts" will continue to play at the Central Square Cinema despite advertisements in Boston newspapers shortly before Christmas implying the theater would no longer run the film, according to the manager of the theater.

Vincent Fraumini, manager of the theater, said yesterday the advertisements had helped boost attendance at the theater, which always lags before Christmas.

The ads said "last weeks of King of Hearts," giving no specific date when the film would close. Fraumini said that at the time of the ads the new owner of the theater was "seriously considering" discontinuing the film in order to bring in new material.

Attendance has revived after Christmas, he said, and the theater still turns people away on weekend nights. He said he cannot predict how much longer it will run, and at this point the theater is "playing it from week to week."

Fraumini attributed the four-year run of the "King of Hearts" to its release "at a good time."

"It was an escape, and it caught on," he said.