Concerts abound this week. For example, Friday, the Garden features a triple bill with ZZ Top's "Bible-Belt Boogie"--a rehash of old blues licks at deafening volumes. Also the Blue Oyster Cult (embarrassingly bad) and Duke and the Drivers, listenable though still left in the shadows by J. Geils.

For those who like the blues, but still relish an etheral atmosphere, Saturday the Orpheum offers James Montgomery and the Gentle Giant. Gentle Giant, a group from England cut in the King Crimson mold, seems to command your attention for about twenty minutes; problem is, they tend to become so predictable that you know where the band's going before they do.

Tonight, the Harvard Square cinema gives you Fairport Convention with Sandy Dennis, who's back with the group after a less-than-successful solo career. Fairport Convention still remains a respectable outfit though their current work in no way compares to what they produced in the past. In addition to Fairport, you'll also get a chance to witness one of the more atypical figures in rock, violinist Jean-Luc Ponty. Though his popular following is quite large in Europe, Ponty remains a critic's musician here, though he is played extensively with Frank Zappa and is close to becoming a full-fledged Mother.

Finally, Thursday through Saturday, the New Theatre on Holyoke Street features a group that makes Kiss look like performers in a grade school Christmas play. The Tubes are synonomous with the word outrageous. Their lead singer goes under the name "Quay Lude" and song titles run along the lines of "Mondo Bondage" and "White Punks on Dope." Draw your own conclusions.