Baseball is no longer king in Boston as the Series has ended and life, including movie going, has returned to normal. Those whose tastes run to star-studded double features (and not a re-run of the sixth game) can catch either Humphrey Bogart in The African Queen (adventure on the Congo) and Treasure of the Sierra Madre (adventure south of the Border) at the Harvard Square Theatre or brave the Red Line to see Jack Nicholson in The Last Detail and Five Easy Pieces at Cinema 733.

If the plethora of dances and parties signaling the Dartmouth weekend doesn't entrap you, several of the Houses offer attractive diversions on their screens. Kirkland House hosts Tom Jones, the painless way to approach Henry Fielding, with Susannah York and Albert Finney masterfully lusting after both each other and greasy mutton chops.

For martial arts fans, Bruce Lee chops his way through myriad enemies at Quincy House in a double bill of Fists of Fury and The Chinese Connection. And there's a different style of fighting in Jack Johnson at Science Center C. Johnson (remember The Great White Hope?) features actual footage from the black champion's bouts and includes a soundtrack composed for the movie by Miles Davis. Along with Johnson, Whirlwind L.B.D. is presenting Right On.

Rumor has it that The Master and Margherita will turn up at the Brattle sometime in the near future. Keep an eye peeled.