Meatless Days

Approximately six months after students voted for meatless alternatives at all meals, there has apparently been no decrease in the quantity of meat they eat.

Frank Weissbecker, director of food services, said yesterday that "there has been no reduction of meat consumption in Harvard dining halls."

Ellen Kellman '76, a member of the Committee on Housing and Undergraduate Life, which last year voted the meatless alternatives after a student referrendum favored them, said yesterday that Weissbecker's statement is "somewhat worrisome."

Kellman explained that the chief goal of the program was to curtail meat consumption to help alleviate the world food crisis.

"CHUL has done what it can by offering students an option," she said, "and it is now an individual decision whether to eat meat or a meatless dish."

Meatless dishes, which include poultry, fish and eggs, are offered at every meal as alternatives to red meat and pork selections.

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