Speaker At B.U. Calls CIA Cancer For Third World

"The CIA is like a Saturday night special in the President's hip pocket, ready to be triggered whenever he wants," Robert Borosage, director of the Center for National Security Studies, said last night at Boston University.

Borosage called the CIA a "cancer involved in a web of illegality here and abroad," in his opening remarks at a conference on "Repression and Resistance in the Third World and the Role of United States Foreign Policy."

Borosage said the CIA is conducting a massive para-military intervention in Angola, that is the latest secret war of the U.S., modelled on American intervention in Laos.

The conference continues all day today, beginning at 9 a.m. in B.U.'s Hayden Hall.

Over 20 groups are represented at the conference, and workshops will be conducted today on such subjects as "Economic Imperialism" and "The Myth of Technical Assistance."

Seminars will be led by people from over 20 countries who are concerned, a spokesman for the conference said yesterday, with "internal repression and injustice" in their own countries, "where American involvement plays a heavy role."

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